What We Know About The Long-Term Side Effects Of Essure Procedure

Essure is still a relatively new birth control device, so we don't know much about the contraceptive implant's long-term side effects. Thankfully, the Food & Drug Administration has seen fit to fast track long-term research on Essure, ordering Bayer to conduct a 7-year study on the birth control implant's side effects, in hopes that prolonged [...]

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Idaho Essure Lawsuit Moves Forward

An Idaho federal judge has allowed one Essure birth control lawsuit to proceed, despite Bayer's argument that Plaintiffs' claims are preempted by federal law. Attorneys say the decision should inject new life into the growing Essure litigation. "Failure To Warn" Claims Survive In Idaho Federal Court The lawsuit at issue, filed by a husband and wife, reached the [...]

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Essure Lawsuits Overcome Hurdle In California [Infographic]

A California state judge has rejected Bayer’s arguments for legal immunity, allowing a slate of 11 Essure lawsuits to proceed on multiple counts. California Essure Lawsuits Move Forward Hundreds of women have already filed lawsuits over Essure, a controversial sterilization implant that patients say causes horrendous side effects. But the future of these lawsuits has always [...]

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Is Essure Less Effective Than Tubal Ligation?

Essure was designed to replace, or drastically undercut, the use of tubal ligation, a collection of surgical procedures intended to sever or block a woman's Fallopian tubes. Patients Question Essure's Ability To Prevent Pregnancy Before Essure - a birth control implant - was approved, women had few options in the realm of permanent contraception. Tubal ligation was [...]

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Nearly 500 Women Filed Essure Lawsuits Between April & July 2016

By the end of 2015, legal experts were predicting a wave of litigation over Bayer's permanent contraception implant Essure, a device that patients say can cause severe side effects. That wave has come. Suffering Alleged Essure Injuries, Women Come Together In Pennsylvania Between April and July 2016, at least 488 women and their loved ones [...]

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PET: Plastic In Essure Banned From Cosmetics, Not Women’s Bodies [Infographic]

Polyester. The same synthetic plastic used to weave your favorite pant suit from the 70s has also been implanted in around 750,000 American women - and counting. We're talking about Essure, the controversial birth control implant that thousands of women blame for horrifying side effects, from severe pain to autoimmune disorders. Want to share this image [...]

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High-Risk Devices May Lose Immunity From Patient Lawsuits

Hundreds of medical device manufacturers are being protected from legal action by a controversial FDA approval process, which grants companies immunity if they agree to undergo "stringent" quality and safety testing. Currently, around 360,000 medical devices, most of which were deemed "high-risk" from the outset, are protected in this way, NewsChannel 5 reports. Ariel Grace's Law [...]

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New Bill Would Require Doctors To Report Medical Device Problems

When medical devices cause harm, manufacturers and hospitals are legally bound to report problems to the FDA. But shockingly, physicians aren't. Right now, there's no legal requirement for doctors, who don't have to report medical device problems, even when the most dangerous implants or tools are involved. The Medical Device Guardians Act While many doctors, along [...]

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Essure Problems: Our Analysis Of FDA Side Effect Data [Infographic]

On February 9, 2016, the US Food & Drug Administration released a massive trove of adverse event reports, representing every reported side effect submitted to the agency in relation to Essure. Made publicly-available, the PDF document contains a total of 9,884 reports submitted between Essure's FDA approval on November 4, 2002 and January 1, 2016. [...]

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Some High-Risk Medical Devices Are Being Approved On Bad Evidence

The FDA's "most stringent" medical device approval process isn't that stringent after all, researchers at Northwestern University have found. In their new study, Steve Xu, MD and Jessica Walter, MD reviewed the evidence, or lack thereof, behind 18 recent high-risk medical device approvals, finding glaring flaws in how and why the FDA allows potentially-dangerous medical devices to enter [...]

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