Gynecologists Want Bayer To Stop Shifting Blame For Alleged Essure Injuries

In a new "Medicolegal Review" published by the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, four gynecologists have warned their peers about getting caught up in the litigation around Essure, a permanent birth control implant blamed for causing severe and debilitating side effects. Doctors Warn About Bayer's "Learned Intermediary" Theory Calling Essure an "ongoing target" for personal injury lawsuits, the researchers [...]

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Pennsylvania Essure Lawsuits Survive Federal Pre-Emption Challenge – Again

For the second time, a federal court judge in Pennsylvania has pared down the number of claims that will be allowed to proceed in five Essure lawsuits consolidated in Philadelphia. On February 22, 2017, the Honorable John R. Padova threw out allegations that Bayer has been negligent in manufacturing Essure, the Legal Intelligencer reports. However, claims that [...]

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Permanent Male Birth Control Gel Finds Success In Monkeys

Is a permanent but reversible birth control method for men finally on the horizon? Recent research out of the University of California is hopeful. Tests conducted on male rhesus monkeys have shown that Vasalgel, a gel-based form of vasectomy developed by non-profit Parsemus Foundation, can prove an effective contraceptive for over two years. Male Contraceptive [...]

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What Is Essure Made Of?

Essure is a birth control implant intended to provide permanent contraception for women who are done having children. The system, comprised of two small coil implants designed to block the Fallopian tubes, is manufactured by the German multinational healthcare company Bayer. Materials In Essure Linked To Allergic Reactions Each implant is made from five materials, [...]

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Ariel Grace’s Mother Files Essure Lawsuit In North Carolina

On December 16, 2016, the woman whose tragic story inspired Ariel Grace's Law, a bipartisan bill that would strip medical device companies of legal immunity, filed suit against Bayer. As Modern Healthcare reports, Kristiana Tweed Burrell seeks to hold Essure's manufacturer accountable for negligence and wrongful death in connection with the 2015 death of Burrell's stillborn [...]

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French Women Join Essure Litigation, Filing Lawsuit Against Bayer In Paris Court

Two French women have filed an Essure lawsuit against multinational healthcare corporation Bayer, echoing the allegations leveled by thousands of women in the United States. Their representative, Paris-based attorney Charles Joseph-Oudin, told the Agence France-Presse that his clients had initiated their suit on December 9, 2016. The attorney says that 30 other French women, who [...]

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Essure Removal Proves Difficult For Doctors & Patients

Few doctors have any idea how to remove Essure implants, despite removal being an increasingly common request from thousands of women who have experienced severe side effects. Nationwide, only around 30 physicians have removed enough Essure implants to be considered "experienced" in the procedures, according to a recent report in Modern Healthcare. The vast majority of [...]

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FDA Approves New Essure Safety Labeling

On the heels of new federal labeling recommendations, the US Food & Drug Administration has approved an updated label for Essure, the permanent birth control implant linked to severe, often life-altering, side effects. New Essure Label "Consistent" With FDA Guidance In several recent press releases, the FDA has confirmed that Bayer's new labeling for the medical device [...]

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FDA Releases Finalized Essure “Black Box” Warning, Patient Decision Checklist

After years of controversy and debate, the FDA has finalized its regulatory guidance on Essure and other hysterescopically-implanted birth control implants. In a new document released on October 31, 2016, the federal agency outlines precise requirements for a "black box" warning that should be included on the implant's packaging, along with a patient decision checklist for women to complete [...]

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California Essure Lawsuits Win Coordination In State Court

In accordance with a ruling made on September 30, 2016, more than 50 Essure lawsuits have been coordinated in a California state court in Oakland. The decision is being hailed as a major victory for hundreds of women currently pursuing lawsuits against Essure's manufacturer, Bayer. As a group, the state-filed lawsuits will now continue through pre-trial proceedings, [...]

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