Did you or a loved one suffer severe side effects after receiving the Essure birth control implant? Were you told that this contraceptive device would solve your birth control problems, only to experience severe and debilitating complications as a result of the device?

You May Be Eligible To File An Essure Lawsuit.

Did you experience pain, fatigue, “brain fog” and abnormal menstruation? Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder? Did you learn that you got pregnant while using Essure? Are you confused? Do you feel alone, as if the establishment has abandoned you?

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You are not alone. Tens of thousands of American women have learned through painful experience that Bayer’s Essure birth control implant is a dangerous device. We believe you, and we believe your story should be told. You have a powerful voice; we want to help amplify it.

Our Experienced Attorneys Fight For You.

Our experienced Essure attorneys have been fighting for women’s rights and best interests for years. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit to demand accountability for what happened to you. Your pain does not need to have been in vain. You can make Bayer pay for the pain and trauma you have suffered. America’s strong tradition of civil law empowers injury survivors to fight back in civil court.

Bayer may be held liable for your injuries. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can demand financial compensation for the medical expenses you have incurred, along with the years of pain and suffering. Over 18,000 women have already filed Essure lawsuits against Bayer. You can join them, and raise your voice for justice.

Thousands Relied On Bayer’s Promises. Thousands Say They Were Lies.

Over the past 20 years, more than 750,000 women have chosen the Essure implant, selecting the device that Bayer marketing said could be implanted in a “simple,” out-patient procedure, but would last a lifetime. Unfortunately, as tens of thousands of women have learned the hard way, Essure is not the contraceptive solution we were promised. In reality, the device has been linked to a host of severe side effects, including:

  • chronic pelvic pain
  • chronic back pain
  • abnormal menstruation
  • severe menstrual cramps
  • painful intercourse
  • debilitating migraine headaches
  • brain fog
  • excessive fatigue
  • severe nickel allergies
  • vaginal infections
  • hair loss
  • weight fluctuations
  • autoimmune disorders

and many more. Numerous women have reported severe and chronic pain, namely back, pelvic and abdominal pain. Thousands of women have experienced abnormally heavy menstrual cycles, while others have suffered from severe, splitting headaches and debilitating fatigue.

Tragically, unplanned pregnancies, including ectopic pregnancies (in which the egg implants somewhere other than the Fallopian tube) have been reported in hundreds of cases, leading some researchers to propose that Essure is nowhere near as effective as Bayer claims.

Side Effects & Complications

Many women have suffered for years with these Essure-related problems. Some experienced side effects early, then turned to their doctors for answers, learning only too late that their metal coil implants migrated, moving into the hip or pelvis. Thousands of women have been told that their Essure implant perforated an internal organ, threatening severe and permanent damage.

A Grassroots Movement Took Essure Down.

Thankfully, these women did not remain silent. Instead, they raised their voices to demand answers, submitting tens of thousands of adverse event reports to the US Food & Drug Administration. With Essure on the FDA’s radar, women’s health advocates went further, starting a grassroots campaign with the intent of forcing Bayer to recall Essure from the market.

Eventually, the public pressure worked. While it took years of hard work and effort, Bayer announced in June 2018 that it would be removing Essure from the American market. Today, the controversial birth control implant is no longer available in the US, though concerns remain for women who still have the device implanted in their bodies.

Legal Action Is Possible.

But the fight against Bayer continues in another venue. To date, over 18,000 women have filed personal injury lawsuits against Bayer. In court documents, women from across the country accuse Bayer of concealing Essure’s risks from the public and failing to protect public health. Women across the United States are suing the pharmaceutical giant for serious side effects and complications that occurred as a result of the device.

Learn More At No Risk

You can join them. If you were implanted with Essure, only to experience severe and debilitating complications from the device, you may be eligible to fight back by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

This is your decision. We can’t make it for you, but when you’re ready to take your life back, we are here to help. Our experienced attorneys have the resources and knowledge you need to successfully pursue a case.

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